Happy Belated Birthday Cards

Happy Belated Birthday Cards

Time passes so quickly even when you are well equipped with all types of high tech calendar tools, you still missed someone’s birthday. Despite all your good intention of planning and buying the birthday gift early but the birthday recipient might still get the wrong idea when you miss his or her special day.

Why you need a Happy Belated Birthday Card?

Now to salvage the situation, you need a happy belated birthday card! If you don’t favor a traditional birthday card, you can try e-card or social media birthday wishes. But nothing beat a handwritten and personalized happy birthday card as it is able to convey your sincerity and apology more appropriately. Take the chance to apologize your forgetfulness and wish the birthday boy or girl a Happy Belated Birthday! After all, it is better late than never.

Types of Happy Belated Birthday Cards

What to write in happy belated birthday card can be tricky as it requires some tact to write it well. Fortunately there are many different and ready-made happy belated birthday cards you can choose and purchase online. These belated birthday cards are already designed with meaningful pictures and belated birthday wishes. They will save you headaches of cranking your brain with what to write for belated birthday cards. However, if you still want to show your sincerity of showing your apology and need some inspiration for the right words, you can check out the belated birthday messages here.

There are a variety of happy belated birthday cards to choose from, take a look at below cards:

Funny Happy Belated Birthday Cards

Buy Late Birthday Card here.


Buy Me Forget Your Birthday Card here.

Check this out


Buy Belated Birthday Card here.


Buy Late Birthday Wishes Card here.


Buy Memory Lost Belated Birthday Card here.


Buy Belated Birthday Greeting Card here.


Turtle Happy Belated Birthday Cards

Belated Birthday Wishes Birthday Cards

Buy Turtle Happy Belated Birthday Cards here.

Belated Late Turtle Birthday Cards

Buy Late Turtle Birthday Card here.

Sloth Themed Happy Belated Birthday Cards

Buy Sorry Took So Long Sloth Birthday Card here.


Buy Better Late than Never Birthday Card here.


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