Jurassic Park Birthday Gifts Ideas for Dinosaur Fans

Jurassic Park Birthday Gifts Ideas for Dinosaur Fans

With the new Jurassic World movie released in May 2018, it could be one of the most exciting birthday gifts for dinosaur fans this year. Ever since the release of Jurassic Park movie in 1993, there are so many cool Jurassic Park birthday gifts available for birthday boys and girls these days. Even if you are not the fans of dinosaurs but you will find people around you are deeply fascinated by the charm and buzz created by these ferocious beasts. So you will never run out of ideas on what to buy for dinosaur fan’s birthday. Below is a list of Jurassic Park themed gifts from kids to adults which are both classic and popular.

Jurassic Park Birthday Gifts for Kids

Jurassic World Indominus Rex Toy

Jurassic Park Birthday Gift Ideas - World Indominus Rex Toy
The Indominus Rex from Jurassic World movie is another hot favorite dinosaurs among the kids. This fearsome looking robotic Indominus Rex toy is a perfect birthday gift for kids who enjoy remote control toy. The nose of the Indominus Rex toy has a sensor which able to detect one’s finger movement so wave your finger fast and see how it turns into a ferocious beast which roar and growl like a real dinosaur in the movie.

Suitable for kid from 5 to 7 years old only as it contains small part which may not suitable for kids under 3 years old.

Buy Jurassic World Indominus Rex Toy here.

T Rex Dinosaur Toy

T Rex Dinosaur Toy
T-rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of kid’s favourite dinosaurs in Jurassic World so if you are looking for a dinosaur birthday gift for kids, how about getting them this gigantic sized T Rex dinosaur toy (6.8 x 24 x 15 inches)? It needs three LR44 batteries to operate and can swallow its prey such as small dinosaurs and human into its mouth, just like those T Rex in the movies. But don’t worry, the prey still can be rescued by releasing them from its bottom belly and the adventure game still can continue.

Suitable for 4 to 8 years old kids.

Buy T Rex Dinosaur Toy here.

Jurassic Park Car Toy

Jurassic Park Car Toy
The kid will thrill to receive this Jurassic park car toy as it is another must have collection for Jurassic Park fans. It is small, about the size of 4.5 x 2 x 2 inch but good enough to play as well as for collection display.

Buy Jurassic Park Car Toy here.

Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler

Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler
If you are buying birthday gift for kids who love fun and adventure, try this battery-powered Jurassic World jeep wrangler. Good for kids who love driving and the jeep wrangler allows the driver to bring along his or her trusted partner for the adventure. It has a cool dinosaur sounds and realistic Jeep Wrangler ‘chase’ sounds to add on to the dinosaur chasing experience. However, for safety reason, it has a speed lock where parents can control the speed until the kid is ready for more adventurous driving.

Suitable for 3 to 7 years old kid.

Buy Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler here.

Assorted Dinosaur Toys

Assorted Dinosaur Toys for Jurassic Park Birthday Gift Ideas
You will not want to miss these twelve different prehistoric dinosaurs as a birthday gift for kid. The assorted dinosaur toys come in a box and contain the commonly found dinosaurs seem in the Jurassic Park or Jurassic World movies. They are amazingly detailed for their sizes, average about 7″ to 8″ in length and 4″ high. The assorted dinosaur toys are painted with different realistic color scheme that make them an excellent educational toys.

Suitable for 3 years old and above.

Buy assorted dinosaur toys here.

Jurassic Park Birthday Gifts for Adults

Jurassic Park T Shirt Vintage

A Classic Jurassic Park Birthday Gifts - Jurassic Park T Shirt Vintage
A classic and a must have birthday gift for Jurassic Park fans. This light and comfortable Jurassic Park T shirt made in cotton has different colors with the official Jurassic Park logo on it. The birthday boy or girl will be super thrilled to receive this Jurassic Park T shirt and could wear it on the premier of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and be joined by other Jurassic Park fans.

Size Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large, XXX-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large

Buy Jurassic Park T Shirt Vintage here.

Jurassic Park Cap

Jurassic Park Cap
A Jurassic Park cap is all-time favourite birthday gift so and this will make an excellent birthday gift for Jurassic Park fans. The cap has a plastic adjustable snapback so it is a one size fits all cap for everyone.

Buy Jurassic Park Cap here.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Coffee Mug

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Coffee MugThis is not an ordinary coffee mug but an awesome black Jurassic Park dinosaur coffee mug for workaholic. If you have workaholic colleague who need coffee to perk them up, this is a perfect Jurassic park birthday gift. This mug is a great networking tool as it makes a great conversation starter with other colleagues during coffee break. The dinosaur coffee mug comes in different colors with different designs. Pick one T-rex mug for individual colleagues for their birthday and see how the whole office turn into a happy dinosaur club.

Buy Jurassic Park Dinosaur Mug here.

Jurassic Park Movies Collection

Popular Jurassic Park Birthday Gift - Jurassic Park Movies Collection
If you are buying a birthday gift for die-hard fans of Jurassic Park who enjoy watching HD movie, this Jurassic Park Movie Collection will make a wonderful birthday gift for him or her. The Jurassic Park Collection are available in Blu-ray, DVD and 4K video file format with amazing Dolby X soundtrack. The collection set contains the following movies and available in different video format:

  1. Jurassic Park 1993
  2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997
  3. Jurassic Park III 2001
  4. Jurassic World (2015) movie

You may want to check with the supplier before you purchase as the Jurassic World Movie is not available in Blue-ray set.

The birthday boy or girl should be excited to receive this birthday gift as it eliminates the hassles of full movie download and they could enjoy fine detailed quality movie at home.

Buy Jurassic Park Movies Collection here.

T-Rex Head Wall Mount

Unusual Jurassic Park Birthday gift ideas - T-Rex Head Wall Mount
The dinosaur T-Rex head wall mount is a best Jurassic Park birthday gift for someone who have hunter instinct. A hunter loves displaying animal heads on the wall as a show of victory. Hence, imagine having a realistic-looking Jurassic Park T-Rex head mounted on the wall! Isn’t it awesome? The birthday gift receivers will be happy as it looks like a another prize added to their collection of hunting trophy.

Buy T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture here.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Clock

This stylish Jurassic Park dinosaur clock is handmade from old vinyl record. It makes a perfect birthday gift as it is environmentally friendly and a great wall decoration at home.

Buy Jurassic Park Dinosaur Clock here.

Jumbo Jurassic World Gift Bag

A birthday gift is not completed with a birthday wrap and bag. If you have no time for wrapping, package the gift in this gigantic Jurassic World gift bag. It immediately turn into a gorgeous and presentable birthday gift. The jumbo gift bag will sure bring as much excitement as the birthday gift.

Buy Jumbo Jurassic World Gift Bag here.

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