My Birthday Gift for Myself: Overworked, Unappreciated Mum

My Birthday Gift for Myself: Overworked, Unappreciated Mum

My birthday gift for myself! Sounds strange but yes, buying your own birthday gift for yourself and not anyone else. You get that perfect birthday gift you always wanted, get it on time and be pampered. No waiting. No disappointment. Cool, right?

But you may not like the idea of buying your own birthday gift. It’s your special day so you expect your family and friends to shower you with a lot of loves, attention and gifts. After all, who was the one who organize your family members’ and friends’ birthday parties? Who was the one who spent countless of hours looking for that perfect birthday gifts for your dear family and friends. So shouldn’t they reciprocate and do the same things?

In reality, people are busy, nobody will remember your birthday so let alone birthday gift or maybe they remember but they are busy. You are taken for granted and expect to do all the hard works but when is your birthday, nobody seem to care. Well, you may be lucky if somebody remember to send you a snail birthday card or Facebook birthday wishes but getting that little birthday party and dream birthday gift are not possible sometimes.

So before you start feeling bitter and about to tear, you will be glad to know that you are not alone! There are many overworked and unappreciated mom in the world who never receive a proper birthday gift or only once in a blue moon. To avoid disappointment, you should get a “My Birthday Gift for Myself Only” gift. It’s a great way to reward yourself for the hard works and remain sane as an unspoken heroes.

The Best My Birthday Gift for Myself List

The number one thing that any overworked and unappreciated mum should do is to recharge and gain back your energy, look and confidence. Hence, any birthday gift that could help you to achieve such objectives will be the best birthday gift for you.

Facial Fitness Tool

Overworked and stress will make one age quickly and before you know it – your face sag, wrinkles and double chin already appear. Work never finish; stress never end so to stop them from continuing harming your skin, you need a facial fitness tool to rejuvenate it. A PAO facial fitness tool made in Japan which look kind of silly but effective to tighten your facial muscle.

Facial Fitness Tool
The review for this facial fitness tool said it was effective after two or three weeks of intense using. You just need a focused 30 second workout for the muscles around the mouth every day and your facial skin get a natural lift without expensive cosmetic surgery. Most importantly, you can do it at any time and any place at your convenience so isn’t it a great birthday gift for yourself without breaking the bank.

You can check out the video below and see how this facial fitness tool is being used.

Buy Facial Fitness Tool here.

Lace Facial Mask

My Birthday Gift for Myself - Lace Facial Mask
If overworked and exhaustion have made your skin lost its glow, a good facial is necessary to improve your blood circulation and help you to relax. An effective facial mask must able to detoxify the skin and restore its softness. Check out this lace facial mask which has an ear hooks that you can wear it and continually doing normal household activities. It suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and does not causes a mess as the facial mask is easy to put on and take out easily. Unlike a normal facial mask, this mask contains enough serum that can be used twice so saving you some cost but achieving great result.

Such a wonderful facial mask should make it to every overworked mum’s “my birthday gift for myself” list.

Buy Lace Facial Mask here.

Relaxation Gifts

Bathtub Spa Pillow

Bathtub Spa Pillow

The best way to relax is to have a nice bath! To enjoy a nice bath, you need a comfortable and supportive bathtub spa pillow to rest your head and neck. This waterproofed bathtub spa pillow has seven suction cups to attach to your bathtub so you can relax comfortably without constantly worry about pesky slippage. It is easy to clean so you will not need additional effort to maintain it. A very easy and utilitarian birthday gift to get for yourself.

Buy Bathtub Spa Pillow here.

Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb
A nice bath is not completed without a bath bomb. These twelve therapeutic and moisturizing bath bombs packed in a box are specially formulated to moisturize and enrich your skin. Each of them has different scents and colors including Lavender, Love, Fun on the Beach, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Mango papaya, Melon ball, Shea & Coconut, Victorian Rose, Angel, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Kiwi & Strawberry. They are supposed to give you different experiences so add your preferred bath bomb to your bath water and relax your body. The fragrance of the bath bomb will renew you by uplifting your mood and make you smell gorgeous afterward so definitely make an awesome birthday gift for you.

Buy Bath Bomb here.

Back Neck and Shoulder Massager

Back Neck and Shoulder MassagerYou need someone to massage your aching back for you but there is no one you can turn to? This Shiatsu massager comes in handy for exhausted mom who constantly experienced stiff neck and shoulder pain. It is like your personal masseuse so you can easily put it on your sore body and get instant relief. It has 8 kneading nodes that behave like a human hands with adjustable intensity where you can get the right and appropriate amount of pressure for the Shiatsu massage. The Shiatsu massager has heat function to help improve massaging and has auto shutdown when not in used for 15 minutes. The massage will improve your energy flow and achieve the balance of the body, freeing you pain and discomfort. Hence, it is a good birthday gift to buy for your whole well-being.

Buy Shiatsu Massager here.

Sinful Sweet Indulgence

You have to watch this video? See how this funny mum was ranting about parenting and kids’ issues while eating ice cream with red wine.

It may be weird to eat ice cream with red wine but they seem like a great comfort food for cranky mum. What’s your comfort food? Do you crave for ice cream or chocolate when you are overworked and feeling emotionally down? If that is what your body command, why not give yourself a little sweet treat to make yourself happy? But if you want to enjoy your ice cream longer, then get the ice cream cooling bowl. It is not too cold to hold but perfect to prevent your ice cream melt too fast.

Don’t feel guilty after eating it because the amount of housework you are going to do will easily burn off your intake. Oh, don’t forget the red wine! After all, it’s your special day so you deserve one of the top gifts in the “my birthday gift for myself” list.


An everyday mum like you deserves the long overdue break, pamper yourself with your own purchased birthday gift on your special day.

We wish you peace, joy and a very happy happy birthday! 😉


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