What is My Birthday Gift Wish List

What is My Birthday Gift Wish List

Another birthday! Are you stumped at what to buy for a birthday gift?

The last thing you ever want is to buy a birthday gift that nobody wants it. You have to get the right and perfect birthday gift to make the recipient happy and not ruining his or her special day.

So what can we do to make birthday gifting a breeze and make everybody happy? Besides checking the birthday gift buying guide, the simplest and easier way is still to ask directly what the birthday boy or girl wants. But not every birthday boy or girl will tell you honestly what they want? Another popular practice today is to ask them to share their My Birthday Gift Wish List. This concept has already incorporated in many gifting websites as a feature called Gift Registry. It allows the birthday celebrant to create and share his or her birthday gift wish list with family and friends. It removes guess works from the gift givers and better manage the recipient’s expectation of gift wanted.

However, not everybody favors this idea; some think it is rude, greedy and cultivate self-entitlement among kids while some think that gifting has lost its personal touch and become a business transaction. Despite the negativity and if the birthday recipients do not go overboard with their wish list, having a My Birthday Gift Wish List has its advantages though so it is worth trying out.

Save the Earth

Your Mother Earth will thank you if you can reduce waste by not buying duplicate or unwanted birthday gifts which end up in garbage. Go and ask your friends and family members for their birthday gift wish list so you can buy precisely what they want. At the end of the day, you are not only saving your pocket but the earth resources as well. You are doing one good deed for the Mother Earth.

Pooling Money for a Bigger Birthday Gift

If one’s birthday gift wish list is made known to everyone especially to his or her family, the whole family members could pool their money together to buy an expensive item for the birthday boy or girl. Doing so not only help to reduce the burden of the gift givers but the birthday recipient will benefit from the “teamwork” as well.

Helpful and Convenient

It is helpful and convenient as the gift givers who stay far away could order the gift easily online and deliver directly to the birthday boy or girl. So if your birthday recipient lives at the other end of the globe, you can be sure they receive a birthday gift on time.

No more Guessing Game

Having a birthday gift wish list takes away the guessing game and save you time and troubles pondering what to buy.

How to create a “My Birthday Gift Wish List” easily?
There are many ways to create “My Birthday Gift Wish List” easily online. You can either encourage your friends or family members to post it on their Facebook page, Pinterest, Tumblr or you can ask them to try the following birthday wish list websites.


One can easily create one using the feature in Amazon.com. If you do not have an account in Amazon.com, sign up today. Once you sign up, you can easily create a birthday gift wish list there and point everybody to that link. Any item in the list is purchased, it will automatically marked as purchase so saving the hassle of constantly updating the list.


This website allows individual to share his or her birthday gift wish list to public or privately within his or her own group either via the website or mobile devices. One can specify the birthday gift details such as the size, color and even the right mailing address. This is helpful as the gift giver will know exactly what to buy and where to send to.


This is another birthday gift wish list sharing website and it has a useful function where you can search by the person name or email and view his or her list of birthday gift items they want. To make thing even easier, you can just click on the item and make purchase. It is fuss-free and save you a lot of time and hassles.


If you are using mobile phone, you can download this birthday wishlist app from Apple Store or Google Play. It is a useful app for you to invite friends and family to make a birthday gift wish list and share it with their friends and family members. It also act as a reminder so you will not miss any birthday gift purchase as it allows you to search through many stores such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and ShopStyle in one place.


What do you think of the idea of birthday gift wish list? Will it helps or hampers you in getting the perfect birthday gift for the birthday celebrant?

Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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